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Ideally located in the center of Europe, this charming area offers some great excursions possibilities. With your chauffeur, you will explore the vineyards and will be guided through colourful villages. You will select among some of the suggestions and build up an exceptional sightseeing day according to your taste.

Small  mediaeval town, birthplace of Saint Odile. In ancient times owned by of the Dukes of Alsace, and which subsequently became the property of the monasteries of Niedermunster, and Hohlenbourg (now the Convent Saint Odile) which were the two convents founded by Saint Odile and her father.

One of the most holy landmarks of Alsace. At 600 m. from the top of the Hohenbourg rock you have a marvellous panoramic view, and discover a natural environment of exceptional archaeological interest. The site dates back to the Merovingian era in the 7th Century.

Odile, daughter of a Merovingian noble, was born blind. Rejected by her father, she was initially hidden in a monastery in Burgundy, and recovered her sight on the day of her baptism. Her brother then brought her home, but later, when her father, Etichon, wanted to marry her to a young nobleman, she refused the marriage and escaped to the Black Forest.

Her father finally gave in to his daughter’s wishes, and allowed her to return and become the founder of a convent built on the Hohenbourg rock, of which she became the first Mother Superior (Abbesse). This is now the ‘Mont Sainte Odile’.


A small town, not very much visited by tourists, in the heart of the Alsace wine country.
Attractive and authentic.

This picturesque village contains numerous beautiful typical Alsatian half timbered wood framed houses with oriel windows, and gabled roofs, some of which still have craftsmen’s shields on their facades.

Some old fortifications which were part of the walls that encircled the town still exist, together with two circular towers dating from the 15th Century. The ruins of the ‘High Andlau’ castle which dates from the 13th and 14th Centuries can be seen, with its polygonal shape, and two circular keeps.

An attractive village situated on the Wine Road running along both sides of a very old road which was, in fact, originally laid down by the Romans. A small village between wine covered slopes, it is well known for good food and wine. For an original touch, seven pergolas of vines crossing the main street have been installed to add something special to its charm.

This village was created by the merging of the ancient villages of Nothalten and Zell. It is best known for its high quality Reisling ‘ Grand Cru du Muenchberg’. The village also contains two interesting 16th Century water fountains.

Founded in 750 by Bléo, a relative of Saint Odile, the village was the point of departure for the first peasants revolt. In 1842, the demolition of a roofing tile factory revealed archaeological remains dating from Gallo-Roman times. As a wine making village it remains true to tradition and is especially known for its Winzenberg ‘Grand Cru’.

One of many charming Alsatian villages, little known to tourists, but which is genuinely authentic with a homogeneous collection of half timbered, and renaissance houses, pretty fountains and an abundance of flowers.

The village is located in an excellent region for grape vines, and with a total of 470 hectares has the largest area of vineyards in Alsace.

Scherwiller is a typical Alsatian winemaking village on the banks of the Aubach river, it has small bridges, washtubs, and half-timbered houses from the 16th and 18th Centuries.

The church steeple is topped by a stork’s nest, and a synagogue dates from 18th Century. If you look up at the tiling of the roofs of the houses in the oldest part of the village you will notice that some have a stones in the shape of a heart, and on others, the design of a bottle and a glass.

When the houses were built the single people identified themselves this way. The heart on the roof showed that it was the home of an unmarried young lady, and the bottle and glass indicated that it was the home of a young bachelor. !

Chatenois was the seat of the Bishop and has a fortified cemetery, interesting church steeple, and a ‘witches tower’. The ‘Witches Tower’ is a Gothic entrance gate dating from 15th Century.
It was restored in 1830, and the roof is recent. It is one of the most beautiful in Alsace, and often features in artistic works (Hansi drawings, Bernard Buffet paintings, and parquetries).
This tower reminds us that Chatenois, like many other places, was, in historic times, the scene of terrible injustices when those accused of witchcraft were burnt at the stake.

A town on the hillside of Haut Koenigsbourg within sight of the ruins of the 13th Century Kintzheim castle. The wine road runs through the village with the slopes of Hahnenberg on the north, and those of ‘Grand Cru’ Praelattenberg on the south. Kintzheim castle was built in the 13th Century, but was destroyed on the orders of the bishop of Strasbourg during a war against Albert of Habsbourg. At the beginning of the 15th Century it was rebuilt by the Rathsamhausen family.

The castle retains a part of the main keep, its protective wall, and the castle chapel. At the present time the castle is home to a flight of eagles and a there are regular displays of eagles in free flight lasting about one hour for which a charge is made.
At Kintzheim one can also visit the MOUNTAIN OF THE MONKEYS which is inhabited by a large number of Macaques monkeys.  

You can enter the reserve and become the privileged witnesses of this fascinating animal society living in conditions that are very close to those in the wild.

Here there are no cages, nor bars, but just free roaming monkeys who have lived here in liberty since 1969.
The animals have plenty of space so they can go where they want, and can keep away from the public if they so wish. The tour here lasts about an hour and an entry fee is charged.   

Haut Koenigsbourg is a perfectly restored mediaeval castle situated at an altitude of 750 m. It is a historic monument and an important tourist attraction with about 500,000 visitors annually.

It dominates the surrounding countryside, and in 1936 was the setting for the film ‘The Great Illusion’ directed by Jean Renoir. There is a charge for the visit.

Nestled at the foot of the Taennchel peak in the heart of the Alsace wine country mid-way between Strasbourg and Mulhouse, Ribeauvillé is a city dedicated to the main activity of wine making and which has retained its mediaeval charm, and where it is good to live. Storks, too, seem to like the life in Ribeauvillé, and on the higher buildings there are several nests in which the stork couples raise their chicks, and there is even one on the roof of the Sub-Préfecture.

With a prior reservation one or more private wine tastings can be arranged with local wine producers, with visits to the cellars. In some cases a charge is made, and an English speaking guide can be made available.


A town to be discovered through its enchanted alleyways which lead you, for example from the historic centre with its famous Humanist library, to the banks of the river Ill where the old houses blend in with very contemporary buildings. Named the ‘Humanist City’, Selestat holds the oldest known written mention in the world of a Christmas tree.


This little town is situated at the foot of the Vosges mountains, with the Haut Koenigsberg castle in the background, and is surrounded by the fertile vineyards that have made its reputation.

Saint Hippolyte is a very old town completely surrounded by a rectangular wall that has been fairly well preserved, and which is crossed by three parallel streets. The church, built on an oval shaped terrace, occupies the centre of the village. Saint Hippolyte is surrounded by the vineyards whose wines have been appreciated by connoisseurs for many years.


A tiny village deep in the Alsace wine country with about 360 inhabitants.


This mediaeval city, many times fought over, is a real history book in the open country for those who wish to consult it.


Riquewihr is one of the best known mediaeval villages in Alsace, and is probably the most visited. Its situation in the midst of numerous vineyards gives it an extraordinary charm.

The village contains, of course, a considerable number of typical Alsatian timber framed houses which are excellently maintained and wonderfully decorated with flowers. The town ramparts, which are well preserved, surround this treasure of a village.


The town where Dr Albert Schweitzer was born is a village with many visitors in summer when the weather is fine, and during the very typical Christmas Market in December.

Kaysersberg was an imperial fortress which dominated the entrance to the valley, and controlled all traffic. Things to see include a 13th Century church, the Town Hall built in the Renaissance Rhenan style, and a fortified bridge built in 1514.


Birthplace of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York, and of Jean Jacques Waltz, better known under the name of ‘Hansi’. A ‘must’ for any visitor to Alsace, with its ‘Little Venice’ and historic town centre.


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