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Newsletter - March 2008 n°3


Dear Friend.

In less than forty minutes, Eric of PML's office in Paris, was able to get and confirm a table for 2 at Ducasse’s last baby in Paris: The Jules Verne restaurant located in the famous Eiffel Tower. Difficulty booking a table here is nothing new, it has never been easy, but, alas there is good news. Reservations are now taken up to 2 months in advance, and that might help.

Now, the real question is : is the Jules Verne’s "new formula" good?
My answer is … "Yes, BUT…" You will pay the price equivalent to what you would pay for a 3 star meal, and surely it is not the same. Since it has only been open a few weeks, let's be forgiving. Despite pleasant service, the food this day was a little tasteless. The real fact is that you have to be really "blasé" to not enjoy your meal at an altitude of 125 meters (more or less 380 feet) in one of the 3 rooms : Trocadero, Branly and Champ de Mars, surrounded by the beams of this Iron Cathedral. The scenery is breathtaking, it is, afterall, the Paris skyline. When you add a more than decent meal plus one of the most romantic views in the world, you have to keep a positively high attitude. I will return to check the ambiance in the two other rooms and hopefully a better impression of what I get on my plate....

On the other hand, I had lunch again a few days ago at "The Carré des Feuillants", located on rue de Castiglione, one block from the Meurice and Ritz hotels. The service was as good, the decor nicer (not difficult!), the check was similar if not lower, but with no special view, I have to admit. However, talking of gourmet food... this was the place! Conclusion: don’t get mad if you do not get a table at “The Jules Verne”!
I recently visited Oslo, Norway, for the premiere of a superb movie"Kautekano-Opera".
This great film with astonishing landscapes, gorgeous music and excellent actors, told us of a sad story between Laplanders and Norwegians in the 19th century in the far North.
I hope the film will do great, but my purpose is simply to tell you how much I love this city and appreciate the excellent limo services up there. Thanks to the gas extraction, this country is one of the worlds richest.
Oslo fjord is vast, a drive by the shore, brings you from one to another harbor, including many sailing yacht harbors.
They are about inaugurating a surprising Opera house in April, and there are a couple of museums such as the Viking Ship Museum worth seeing. I saw an interesting exhibition of landscapes at the Munch and had lunch at the always good brasserie of the Sonja Henies exhibition place. Other places for a gourmet meal to be considered are the Cafe Theater located in the very well situated Hotel Continental. We also had dinner in a very cozy place, "the Canard" which deserves nothing but compliments. I was not in Oslo long enough to visit one of my other favorite places: "Bagatelle". I will be for my next visit, I hope.
Top exhibitions in Paris and London at the moment are: Vlaminck “Un instinct fauve” at the “Luxembourg Museum” in Paris. This exhibition is the first one in Paris consecrated to Maurice de Vlaminck in 50 years. It covers its best periods : the fauvist period” and his very interesting “cezannian” period. A little something of Van Gogh, a little something of Matisse and a strong personal touch makes of this artist, who was friend with André Derain a painter of the instant. The paintings of this exhibition give us, contrary to his post World War I saddened works, a very colourful and happy way to catch people’s faces and landscapes.

If you happen to be in London in March or April, you should not miss at any cost the exhibition “From Russia : French and Russian painters. An absolute “must see” show at the London’s Royal Academy of arts. It will be held till April 28th. I do not exactly know how it became possible: heirs of these once confiscated masterpieces are still wanting these paintings back in their original ownership, but here they are, in a western capital, don’t miss them !
120 paintings from museums of Saint Peterburg and Moscow by: Matisse, Cézanne, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Kandisky, Malevich and more.

For the ones that missed his last performance in Paris, Bruce Springsteen will be playing and singing again in Paris on June 27th. The concert will be held in open air at the “Parc des Princes” Stadium.

For the ones that were too busy while she was in Las Vegas, Celine Dion will be at “Bercy” from May 19th to May 27th.

If you know already you will be in Paris for Fall, you should book for a unique concert of the great Barbara Hendricks at the Olympia theatre on October 14th.

If you do not worry about catching a stiff neck, you will enjoy going to the French Tennis Open at Rolland Garros (Paris 16th district) from May 25th till June 8th.

If you love roaring car engines, you should be in Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix on May 25th.

That's it for now. Ready to buckle up ?

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We are always happy to help!

Best regards,

Pierre-Marc Lambert
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