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September 2009
Edito limousine

Dear Friend,

I hope you and your family have enjoyed a fun and fulfilling summer, whether it was visiting friends and relatives, doing some sports or tasting new gastronomic delights... Keep it going into the fall with PML!

Europe in general and France especially are absolutely beautiful in the fall. Below you will find a few tips for organizing a fantastic journey to France for you and/or your discerning clients.

Some reading: the latest book by Antony Beevor, an English military expert, is a goldmine of information on the Normandy battle. Page after page, you will understand why the battle of Normandy, which lasted 50 days and killed more than 200 000 people, could have turned several times in favor of the Nazi troops.

Many French villages were completely demolished. Particularly the bell towers of the local churches were systematically fired upon by the Allied artillery. Why? Simply because the German snipers were using them for their excellent dominant viewpoint to shoot down the first Allied officers as they entered the village...
The Côte d'azur in limousine
A custom tour of Normandy with Paris Major Limousines, might include a stop in Giverny, a look at the amazing historic city of Rouen and an afternoon in Deauville and Trouville, finishing the day in Honfleur.

The following day could start with a stop at the Pegasus Bridge , followed by a visit to the Queen Mathide tapestries in Bayeux .
Use the afternoon to discover one of the landing beaches and visit interesting local museums. If times allows, add a tour to the Mont St Michel on the third day of your journey... No pressing schedules?

Then head off in the direction of the Loire Valley Chateaux for some completely different landscapes and architecture...

But if you don’t have much time, we can also offer a simpler one-day tour to the Normandy beaches. As always, we are experts at helping you make the most of your time.

Just tell us what you are looking for and how much time you have, and we will tailor a special tour for you... contact us !
Dancing !
Mickail Baryshnikov will be performing in the Lyon Opera House from November 10th till November 13th
"Mozart, the Opera Rock, the story of a genius" will open on September 22nd at the Palais des Sports in Paris. It promises to be a very entertaining show for both adults and teens.
Impress your friends and
relatives by becoming a chef !
Go mix it up at the Alain Ducasse cooking school in Paris ’ 16th district. Ten programs are offered to beginners and non-beginners.

For info, visit :

Another excellent choice for becoming the family Cordon Bleu is the Ritz-Escoffier culinary school located in the Ritz hotel.
A bistro the way Parisians adore them !
Try "Le Roi du pot au feu", between Madeleine and Opera, or "Pas de lézard" on Rue de l'Arcade, or "L'abordage" near Place St Augustin, all located in the 8th district of Paris. Your chauffeur can take care of reservations for you.
Last minute buzz for true Gourmets: KGB, the Kitchen Gallery Bis, on the Left Bank .

The "114", the newly opened brasserie of the Bristol Hotel deserve a visit...

Auguste Renoir at the Grand Palais starting September 23rd :

Pierre Soulages at the Pompidou beginning October 14th :

Titian, Tintoreto, Veronese in the Louvre, Venice at her best.
And my favourite exhibition of the moment: Bruegel, Memling, Van Eyck... The Bruckenthal Collection is at Jacquemart Andre (a superb place to discover) until January 11th :

Thought Versailles is a sleeping beauty and may be you missed Jeff Koons there? You should see the latest installation .

The Louvre
The Côte d'azur in limousine luxury tour
The Côte d'azur in limousine luxury tour
Don't forget the FIAC, from October 22th till the 25th.

If business or pleasure brings you to Germany , make sure you stop in Berlin to celebrate the Fall of the Wall, which took place in November exactly 20 years ago.

It’s trés chic to give a private party on the Seine River .
There were already a few yachting companies such as "Les Bateaux Parisiens" or the "Yachts of Paris" offering excellent service to the public, but you might consider using a newcomer, Paris Yacht Limousine. This new company offers ships of various sizes, from 2 guests to two hundred.

These yachts can be yours for an entire evening.
Their policy also allows you to pre-book the dinner of your choice from the best quality caterers.
You could celebrate with an evening champagne cruise or a cocktail evening, or even cheese and wine sampling...
I hope these few lines will have inspired you to (re?) discover some new places. For a chauffeured service to one of these offers or inquire about other possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to put our expertise at your service.

Enjoy your journeys!
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